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The Scene

Hi guys!!!

I have been very silent for a little too long. Forgive me. I am putting together amazing things for your reading pleasure in the year 2018. I pray the plans will pull through. In the meantime, I intend to make the rest of 2017 count. This is a short story – I hope you enjoy it.

It seemed like a normal day – the sun was scorching and I’m certain you could have fried eggs on the sidewalk. I was wearing a branded black t-shirt of one of our clients and wondering to myself why they couldn’t assign anyone else in the office to this assignment.

Our client was launching a new service and we were to cover every moment of this launch. Why they had to launch it at a trotro station at Lapaz was a mystery, but since I love my job I was to make things happen!

“Kofi!” I heard Tenny call my name and I turned and caught her gaze long enough to see gesture in another direction and turn her attention back to the market women she was talking to. Tenny will be a disciplinarian when she grows up – I thought – everything was no-nonsense when it came to her.

When I looked in the direction she gestured, I saw three beautiful ladies huddled together and intently observing what was going on. I strolled to them and engaged them in conversation. I was tempted to flirt but I suppressed the urge and kept things simple – with a tinge of raw sauce.

Things were going very well – I think two of the three ladies were ready to sign onto our client’s service. The other lady was so ready to give me her number, and I was feeling her vibe. Just when I was about to take down their details I heard a loud bang.

It sounded like a car tyre had gotten burst. I turned to make sure we were a safe distance from any car. That’s when I saw it.

I don’t know to describe it.

It looked like a getaway scene from the movie Fast and Furious… except, they were on motorcycles.

There was a police officer in hot pursuit of two men on motorcycles. I wouldn’t have thought they were dangerous. The first man was in a white and red t-shirt and the second man was in a black and white checked shirt.

By the time things had calmed down, I had let out a terrified cry, run behind one of our activation signs and was hidden from sight.

In a few moments, after about ten gunshots between the policeman and the robbers, everything went quiet. All the motorcycles were down (I assume they were caught in the crossfires and wouldn’t work anymore) and so was the policeman.

The two men (upon getting a better look were probably boys), the two boys with their helmets run up the road and out of sight. About five seconds later, a police car and a few motorcycles whizzed by in the same direction.

Later on, I was informed that the policeman died on the spot and the boys had been caught.

I was glad I hadn’t flirted with the girls I was talking to; I would have been too embarrassed to continue any conversation with them after the way I had screamed, run and hid that day.

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