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Once upon an easter service…

Hi guys!!!

It’s easter💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾!!!

I hope you are as excited about this season as I am! (and for the right reasons😉😉)

Here’s a short story for your reading pleasure! Enjoy🤗🤗🤗!


We both had an understanding that he is not a ‘church-person.’

That is why I was particularly excited when he got up and got dressed with enthusiasm on easter Sunday. I didn’t want to jinx it, so I didn’t ask any questions. I just threw in a ‘Kwesi, I love your shirt,’ and ‘Aww you’re looking so handsome!’ His enthusiasm didn’t ebb, so I was geared up for a great day.

The previous night, I asked him, (without expecting an affirmative response) if he would like to go with me to Full Gospel Church (FGC). My friend had invited me to be part of their easter convention, but I never showed up the entire week. I needed to honour at least one invitation, so I was eager to make it to the easter service. His response was the normal; “Ok, let’s see how it goes,” which is usually code for ‘I don’t have the intention of going, but I will make that known to you in the morning, depending on how I feel’.

Well, his dreams must have given him very good vibes because here he was, driving us to church and jamming to a praise medley (I doubt he had heard before).

The church building was very impressive – a huge edifice with a spacious parking lot. I hate hustling for parking space, no matter where I am going so that was a plus for me.

‘Emma, should I drop you at the entrance and park? Or you don’t mind the walk?’ Kwesi asked. I was so flattered, “Oh no, honey… I’ll walk with you.”

I was even more impressed with the look and feel the auditorium had. It was fully airconditioned with very soft theatre-style chairs. The velvety-wine colour of the seats gave the auditorium a very comfortable feel and I was excited just to be there. The ushers were also welcoming and everyone else was very friendly, in spite of the fact that it was our first time attending their service.

Kwesi was soaking it all in! I mean, he looked as excited as I felt, raising his hands in worship, clapping and dancing to the music – and trust me, it was some good music! It was so good. My highlight was when Kwesi insisted on putting his own lyrics in the song that the choir sang – and he was singing loudly.

He was really into the service too! Looking around at the happenings with eager interest, and jotting pointers from the sermon. I was amazed! At a point, when everyone was asked to go around and say hello to others, I caught a glimpse of him taking a short video on his phone. I thought to myself, ‘Wow, he really likes this place!’

The service was over in two hours prompt and though I enjoyed the service, I was even more grateful for their punctuality. It irks Kwesi how some church services go on for four hours and more. The church welcoming committee offered us refreshments and interacted with us. They asked for our details, and we left our call cards with them – I had a good feeling about this church. It could be our new home!

As we walked to the car, I hooked Kwesi’s arm and said, “Kwesi, I loved how you were so involved in the service! I’m so sure you’ll want us to join this church, right?”

Kwesi nodded enthusiastically, “I’ve literally been texting the boys the whole time about this place, herh!”

He opened the door for me, and I sat down. As we drove off, he said; “The boys must come here and see this – herh… the women I have seen today, eh?”

He went on, “Girls dey here oo! Joining this church won’t be bad at all!”

I was too shocked.

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