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Sophia stared at the raindrops as they smashed into the mesh behind the closed louver blades. She knew that because of her weak immune system condition, she was prone to catching pneumonia – but she really wanted to dance in the rain. The first time she did it, about 5 years ago, she nearly died. The drama went on for weeks on end, with her family treating her like a fragile piece of glass. Since then, she’s never felt a drop of rain on her skin.

Sitting huddled in multiple layers of warm clothing, she closed her eyes and imagined her skin covered in rain drops and her clothes clinging to her body, dripping wet.


Kafui looked at Sophia – she looked like she was sleeping.  He watched her for a few minutes and looked away. He had to make a conscious effort to not envy her- for him, it was easy to. Even though they had been close friends for a long time, they lived very different lives.

Had he been at home, he would be running up and down, looking for buckets to collect the water that trickles from different holes in the roof. But here, Sophia’s parents seemed to have it made! There was no evidence that there was a storm happening outside – the room was warm and even comfortable. It was nice to experience this kind of comfort. He looked at Sophia again – who had been bundled up enough to withstand cold in the north pole – and thought, ‘she is always so comfortable and pampered’.

He looked down at the unfinished meal on her lap, then at his plate- it had been wiped clean; and then looked around for the umpteenth time at her house.

He wished he could feel how it felt to live like her.


Sarah sighed. It had been a long day for her. When the three of them decided on a day to hang out, she had stuff to do. In spite of her busy schedule, she made it to Sophia’s place and had to go through hell and high water to make it there.

Now that she had made it there, her only motivation to show up couldn’t stop obsessing about Sophia! Sarah watched him watch her repeatedly, and she was certain now, more than ever, that he had some sort of feelings for her.

They were both very good friends to her and she loved them very much. But Sophia literally had half a dozen guys waiting on her hands and feet – ‘why did my Kafui have to be one of them too?’ Sarah whined inwardly.

She sighed again.

All she wanted was a little attention from Kafui. Was that too much to ask?


sometimes our longings are no ones’s reality…

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