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Bringing down the Church

I had a dream.

My church building collapsed.

That’s a summary. I hope it paints a clear picture. I’m one to ask a lot of questions – a colleague recently referred to it as being “overly assertive”. I liked that (😂) – whether or not she meant well by it, I agree. I won’t sit through something I do not understand or at least something that no one has attempted to explain.

Brutal honesty is my thing and it’s a good thing. We need more of that in the world, but I digress.

So my dream – it was scary, but self explanatory. I know the building just represented something else – an ideal or mindset or something of the sort.

My sister and I had a lengthy conversation about a church we had just heard about. The name of the church is – The Church.

She thought it was weird, I thought it was cool.

I mean, when Paul wrote letters to the churches, that was what they were called: the church of …, or the church of….

They were The Church, period. I don’t know what the plan was when denominations came into the picture. I have asked the Holy Spirit but I’ve not heard an answer from him. I have also asked some staunch adult members of various orthodox churches they don’t seem to be aware either.

I’ve been a Methodist since birth. I love Methodist hymns and have a high interest in the affairs of the church I attend. But there’s more to it – to life. What’s the bigger picture?

Because I KNOW when I get to heaven, I’ll not be asked about Methodism nor will you be asked about Catholic or charismatic or Presbyterian or whatever else is out there.

I am assured beyond doubt that God solely intended the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to be preached throughout the earth. (Matt. 24 :14) How many of us know that? How many of us know there are different Gospels being preached today? How many of us understand The Gospel of the Kingdom. How many of us are truly sons of God?

We’ve minimized our pre-destined identity and capacity to adorned divisions and large sects.

I had a dream.

My “Church mindset” collapsed.

I hope you see it too.

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