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What is chasing you?

Earlier this year, my brother made a profound statement:

“Your speed is determined by what is chasing you.”

I found that very thought provoking – it’s a bit straight forward, really. However, prior to the strategy meeting in which he made this quote, I had never stopped to actually think about it.

When I was barely ten (10) years old, I accompanied my mom to visit an aunt. I don’t remember all the details of this visit, but I remember getting out of the car in excitement, only to be chased around the compound by a dog. At that age, the dog seemed so huge – I was so scared, I run to my uncle and jumped onto his shoulders.

Fun Fact: I have hated and feared dogs ever since!

When this dog-chase happened, I was an overweight child, who wasn’t very light on her feet. And yet, I outrun the fierce animal. (Just to give you the bigger picture). Since then, I have had to run on multiple occasions; jogging, racing, being late to class, I could keep going. But the intensity of each run was definitely different from when my life was in danger. There have been times when a harmless puppy would linger in my path, and I would stomp my feet to ward them off- they were barely a threat; not worth running from.

Putting my thoughts in context, many times we find that we are in a hurry – everyone is rushing to get somewhere. When it comes to your life, your gift, your goal, what is chasing you???

Do you have something that is bigger than you propelling you forward? Or you are in the mix, trying to see what you can make out of life?

A few days ago, I was running late to work. So I crossed the motorway in about 10 minutes. When I got off the motorway, I got stuck behind the most comfortable Benz driver I have ever met! I am telling you the truth; the lady driving that car actually stopped for a dog to cross the street. I couldn’t believe it!

A thought came to mind: “What’s the point in speeding like that, only to be held back on the way and miss your deadline?” (I still haven’t got an answer,) The thought made me think through life and how we rush for one thing or other, with nothing pushing us – with no drive, no zest, or passion.

Everyone who has ever walked this earth has come with a purpose – it may be wrapped in multiple packages, or just one. That purpose may be made manifest through desires, dreams, passions, etc. It is essential, then – to not take for granted the privilege of chasing your dreams and living a fulfilling life, as opposed to seeing life as drudgery.

I hope this blesses you. I pray you discover your passions and purpose – and I pray that the zeal for fulfilling your purpose will keep you running in the right direction.

Have a great day and see you soon!

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