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The Woman at the Well

I’m desperate and wanting. Waiting and thinking. Dipping and fetching. Hungry and thirsting. Yet, it’s not my first time. I’ve gone full circle. And I’m still searching.

Man: Woman, you are thirsty! Your are wilted and dry inside.

Woman: You need not say it. For I can feel it and you can see it. I have been here, waiting for you to give me water that I may not thirst again.

Man: Not only do I see it, but I feel it, too. But we have been here before. Then, I gave you all you would ever need.

Woman: I must have poured it on the floor. It must have dried up or It must have been taken from me. Whichever it might be, I have lived in misery, since then!

Man: I was there, as I am here. But once it was given to you, It cannot be taken from you- Unless you give it away.

Woman: I have it?

Man: You never lost it. Behold, your cup is full. Your heart is glad. You eyes can see. You have been set free.

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