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The Last Daughter

The past few months have been emotional, reflective and very exciting. Usually within the last two weeks of January, I realize I’m almost a year older and start the journey of self-reflection and self assessment. Mind you, this is a totally different episode from what I go through on December 31st. This year, my self-assessment has gone up a notch and taken a different turn. My sister got married last Saturday and before she left, we were randomly counting down the days we had left with her, even down to the number of Morning Devotions we have left, before she leaves to her husband’s house. Unknown to them, I was taking every one of these ‘last’s very seriously.

My sister has always been the sibling who was always there, the one I have had the most fights with, shared the most laughs with, shared clothes with, shared shoes with, gossiped with and cried to, etc. When my elder brothers were ready to leave and cleave to their wives, it wasn’t that much of a big deal. Also, they weren’t going far (they still had the family name and were men, they’d always come by) plus – I still had my sister. This time was different, and though it loomed over me, I quickly shook off the feeling of loss and saw the situation from God’s point of view, making sure I will see the miracle in everything that happened from that moment.

We started planning the celebration in 2016 and it only became real a month or so to the set date. I watched as my parents came to terms with it and I carefully noted the sad smiles, tighter hugs, slight headshakes and lingering stares. My brothers moved out long before they got married, so for an even longer time, it has always been us four. It wasn’t until this week started that I realized that we will feel the change more now than ever.

Anyway, this blog post was intended to break (what seemed to me as) a long silence on this blog. I want to share a few things God taught me in all the preparation and hullaballoo. God is a showman – for real. I had taken it upon myself to be the ‘chief organizer,’ in addition to the maid of honour duties I had. Truly, what I did most, was pray that everything will go on well because half the time, I didn’t know what I was doing. God showed me His faithfulness by assuring me of His hand in everything, with His peace.

To the rest of the family, I may have been exceptional at disorderly organization, but from where I stood, God was working. So whenever my sister asked me something and I responded, “Don’t worry,” I was partly reassuring myself and encouraging her to stay calm. The God I serve knows the end from the very beginning, and I’m sure when I would go to him terrified of the mess I was making, He was up there laughing at me. After all the festivities, we got such great feedback, and all I could think was, ‘You have no idea!!!’

My sister and her husband had a blast, and what (to me,) was a befitting ceremony and celebration for our princess, was so much more to others. I am still amazed at how well God covered our tracks and made the entire event overflow with joy. As surely as I know the sun will rise tomorrow, I have come to understand that God will be sure and appear whenever and wherever He is called. If you are not careful to notice His hand in your situation, you will probably attribute it to logic or another ‘practical’ explanation.

As I get ready to hit my Jordan year (23), I am convinced that God was reminding me through this experience that He is intentional about me, no matter how irrelevant the situation may seem.

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