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Soul Mates

It must’ve been another world

or something

we must’ve been wholly tied to each other,

to a point where we could tell each others’ thoughts,

finish each others’ sentences…

but thats a story for a different poem

somewhere between that world and this,

one of us must’ve lost our way.

Something must’ve gone wrong,

because we should’ve arrived here at the same time

probably in the same place…

but we missed each other by miles and years.

So over the years, we’ve gone full circle

nothing appealed to my mind as relevant,

and your life, void of colour.

then we were reunited. Everything made sense.

we could interact till the moon went to sleep,

but its a cruel world where roses wilt too fast

Our minds were in orbit of each other

we never lost the signal, and it only got better

the connection was always strong.

until nothing went wrong… then we were memories

mirror reflections that we chose not to see

but thats a story for another day.

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