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When I started blogging, I didn’t have any rock-solid reason. I enjoy writing, but I also enjoy doing other things. I didn’t expect the things I had in my head to matter (to anyone). It turns out that my expectation was short-lived. was birthed from 3 different blogs I had previously started. I had different names for them:, and … (I have forgotten the domain name for the last one.) The problem (then) with me and writing was: I never followed through to the end. In hindsight, I think having my name on this blog made it more direct, and gave me a higher sense of accountability to my readers. Unfortunately, two of the previous blogs are gone forever, taking with it the wise words and heartfelt memories I shared on them.😪

I only recently got A LITTLE clarity on what I have been writing here. If you’re here, (on my blog), that means you already have access to the various sections here, but I still want to go into detail.

Bitter Honey: This is a series about Quartey family based in Ghana. The family comprises of a taxi driver, his wife and their 3 children. So far, I have uploaded 15 episodes about the Quartey family.  This series was never supposed to have an end – (for those of you who grew up watching TV in Ghana,) its flow is similar to family and community- centered serieses such as Cantaata, Efiawura and Taxi Driver.

This is how I got the inspiration for Bitter Honey: I remember driving past a park, and chancing upon a family that lived there. I could see a woman preparing dinner and children playing around her. I usually play this game where I see total strangers on the street and try to imagine what their story is – everyone has a story. And the story I coined out of what I saw didn’t seem to have an end, and I thought: “Oh Cool! Daily life lessons that are entertaining as well!”But inspiration has not been flowing as much as I would like with Bitter Honey so (and) I haven’t gotten the confidence/encouragement to continue posting it. I’ve been tempted to take it off the site entirely, but everytime I think about it, someone meets me and says, “I was reading your stories, but you stopped. [insert sad/disappointed face] God, eh? Hmph!

Poems: I was complaining to Alan last year that I write very dark / sad/ heartbreaking poems. One day, my mother sent me a series of WhatsApp messages in panic mode asking questions like: “What’s wrong? Are you ok? What does so-and-so poem mean? What happened?” There was very little I could reply with that would assure her, and she continued to worry about my emotional state days after.

A lot of times, these poems just come to me. I was sitting in traffic when I literally downloaded the lines to ‘Clear minds and broken hearts” from (what seemed then, to be) thin air. Now, I’m convinced that it must be Holy-Spirit inspired. Sometimes, talking about my relationship with Him, or just having being written for the benefit of someone – to tell them they’re not carrying the hurt alone.

Her Thoughts: Posts under this category are pretty generic, and may cover a variety of topics as time goes by. I call them free writes, because usually its just issues that have been boggling my mind that I pour out onto the keypad on my phone or laptop. I have fun with these, and in the future, I will explore writing free writes on topics that my readers suggest.

Short Stories: These are fictional pieces. Mostly flash-fiction (very short stories) that I think were cool enough to make it into the public eye. I haven’t written any of these in a while. I should get back to it quickly… before the world of work dries up what is left of my imagination.

Re-Blogged: In this section, I share pieces off other blogs that I enjoyed reading, or I genuinely think my readers should be blessed with. I think good writing is a blessing, and I also think that everyone should read a lot of good pieces very often in life.

Faith |Hope | Love: When Alan and I started this section, it set out to be an insider into the realities, miracles, shockers, struggles and blessings of a Christ-Centered relationship. I think everyone in the world just likes the idea of love/relationships. I don’t understand the full picture of what it will turn into, but we will progress as led. We started this section barely three months ago, and we have gotten a lot of questions and comments about this series. I’m grateful that when this idea came up a year ago, it wasn’t rushed or executed for the wrong reasons. It has been a blessing to Alan and I, and to many others as well.


I have had a lot of people speak to me on social media platforms or in person about what I write here and it gives me so much encouragement, you have NO IDEA!

This is my 100TH post on, and I am marveled at what God has done with my willingness so far.

I am even more exited about the years ahead, and I would love everyone who reads this to please feel free to comment on any of the posts, and/give me feedback on any of my social media platforms – they mean a lot to me, and really help me improve on my writing.

P.S: Shallout to my team of editors & critics (Honey, Stee, Manda, Wappi, Lorrie and Mickie). You’re irreplaceable!

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