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On the 8th day, Truth

There is a lot of confusion in the world today, and most of us are not even aware of it. Opinions from all kinds of sources have been accepted as truth and by this acceptance, we have caged ourselves and shrouded ourselves in darkness.

A man who lives in darkness and thinks he has seen the light will never accept the light when he sees it. Yes, he will be awed by the light’s intensity and the effect it has on him, but accepting this new phenomenon as reality will be difficult – he has accepted something else as truth, when it is not.

I have heard a lot about “my truth”, “her truth”, “his truth”, etc… I can neither understand that or relate to it. How can truth be based on opinion, and if it can be based on opinion, then is one person’s truth ever really true when it can be another person’s lie? Or do we just accept it as it is, with the excuse; “One person doesn’t have to be right and another, wrong… we can all be right, depending on how you look at it?”  Honestly, with this, we will be making life a thousand times more complicated than it is.

The Truth is what matters and there is only one of it. Whenever I had an argument with another person, I would be so convinced that I was right and they were wrong. No one will willingly hold on to something that is untrue, knowing that what they are holding on to is a lie. In such a situation, the person who does not know the truth will need to be presented with factual evidence of the truth.

When I was very young, I was often in the kitchen.   I was either looking into pots and pans for something to pick and chew, for something to steal (J), or watching others cook. On one occasion I was given a warning not to touch a pan that had just been taken off the stove. I wasn’t given a reason, so I asked why. The reason I was given was that the pan was hot but I must not have believed it, because I touched the pan anyway. Let’s assume that I did not believe that the pan was hot. Then, touching the pan was the process of looking for evidence, and getting burnt was me discovering the truth.

Now in the situation above, its either:

  1. I accept my folly and believe that the pan is truly hot and as such, I should stay away from it. Or,

  2. I refuse to believe that the pan is hot (denial), and find an excuse to make it work anyway. (In such a situation, I may convince myself that it was the part of the pan I touched that was hot, and not the entire pan… or something of the sort)

It is the truth that you know that sets you free. Whether or not you accept it as yours or not, it does not change the fact that it is truth.

My True Love gave me direct access to Truth that is unending and never-changing and I will never give it up for anything else.

This Christmas, reaffirm your belief in truth and don’t keep it to yourself.

Have a Merry Christmas and see you Tomorrow!!

Thank you for stopping by!!!


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