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On the 6th Day, Obedience

I was unable to complete this and have it up yesterday, and I sincerely apologize. I had a crazy day, and was unable to finish it… but it’s here now and that means you get two today!!! Yay!!

When Abraham willingly journeyed to a place he was instructed, and wholeheartedly led his son to be slaughtered, he was not mad. He was being obedient.

When the fishermen for the umpteenth time, let down their net at Christ’s instruction, in spite of the fact that they had been trying all day, they were not hopeful idiots. They were obedient.

When Esther listened to Mordecai and went into the King’s presence at the risk of her death, she was not an adrenaline junkie, she was obedient.

Those are quite straightforward…Take a look at characters who learnt about obedience in a hard way.

Jonah – He learnt the value of obedience the hard way when God punished him for refusing to deliver His message to the city of Nineveh

Moses – Moses actually obeyed God, but not wholly. He only PARTLY obeyed God and that cost him access to The Promised Land.

When I started this blog post, I intended to list all examples of disobedience and obedience in the bible… but that would have been too much for you to read J. Instead, I will conclude with this:

Obedience is very important to God, I noticed this when my True Love obeyed The Father’s instruction and suffered death – even death on the Cross. He offered himself, but acted on God’s instruction to be the slaughtered lamb to ransom God’s people from captivity. God also says time and again in His word that if we love Him, we will obey His commandments.

Growing up, I deceived myself into thinking that when my parents sent me to do one chore, as long as I completed it, I was being obedient. I usually would do the chore, but with a lot of grumbling and often, when I wanted to, and how I wanted to. Moses’ example clearly shows that doing what we have been instructed amidst other things, does not entirely please God. He expects total obedience and with a willing heart.

Truly, punishments or threats cannot awaken willingness or genuineness. If I obey my parents because I am afraid they will slap me silly, I am not really obeying them out of a willing heart, but in fear of an undesired outcome.

As we get ready to commemorate the descent of Christ from glory into human form, let’s remember that obeying God may not always taste very sweet in the beginning, but it is necessary to consciously follow His Word out of a willing heart, and not because you dread the repercussions.

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