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On the 5th day, Sacrifice & Sharing

“Our lives are a part of something greater than ourselves.”

Two days ago, when I heard this quote, it’s truth and severity shook me. It is amazing how many lives we are individually connected to and how many people our life’s choices will consequently improve or destroy.

Sacrifice is an underlying factor that no one can live without in life. In making any choice, there is another option that is forsaken – that is sacrificed. As we depend on others in this world, others may also be relying on us. Largely, one sacrifice may be a means of sharing a blessing with others, whether or not we are aware of it.

When I was growing up, I was familiar with the concept of sharing. Every Christmas, my mother will lead us to put together nice clothes which no longer fit to gift them to people who needed them. I don’t remember ever being told who exactly got the clothes, but as we grew older, we understood that it was not a ritual, but necessity.

In university, I was blessed with beautiful friendships. Particularly, I was blessed to share a bond with nine beautiful women. It was in this friendship that I learnt a lot about sacrifice and sharing. We shared rooms, memories, deep secrets, prayer topics, food, even clothes. Another angle of sharing was this: in situations where I would be in need of help, I would have to share that piece of information and my life with them, in order to get the needed assistance. As time went on, I realized each of them were also in similar situations, and had also found it hard to be vulnerable. As we share our lives with others, we should not hesitate to share the sorrows or troubles as fast as we share the joys – it is in doing this that others get the opportunity to help.

Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of sacrifice and sharing. He sacrificed / shared himself with mankind. By sharing, He gave others access to Him, for their benefit. By sacrifice, He deprived himself of the comfort of His throne and became man, just to be killed in the most humiliating way, for doing nothing at all – just so that the people He loved will be saved.

Christmas is a time to remember the very first step Jesus took in an attempt to save mankind. How much of your life have you shared with others? How much have you sacrificed for others? Have you identified that your life like Christ’s is a part of something bigger than you?

Think about it.

See you tomorrow!!!

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Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!!!


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