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On the 2nd Day, Peace

I once had a very interesting conversation with my cousin about what happened when Jesus rebuked the winds and the storm calmed (Reference: Mark 4: 35-39). He said: “You see, when sea waves move to the shore and back, and the wind is blowing gently, there is peace… that’s the natural state of things, called peace. So during the storm, there was a distortion of peace, and that’s why Jesus instructed ‘Peace! Be Still!’ He was instructing peace to return to its original state – to be still”. 🤔 I don’t know about that, but I never forgot it and whether or not it’s true, it gave me a good perspective on peace.

You see, my True Love gave me peace – He told me this (John 14:27): He has left me with not just any kind of peace, but His peace. He does not give it to me as the world gives and for that reason, my heart should neither be troubled nor afraid. Anyone who is close to me knows that I over-think and worry a lot. I have been “working on it” as long as I can remember but from next year, things must be different – because I learnt something.

When I read the bible, I understand that Jesus knew the authority he had on earth, and was never shaken in any situation. Similarly, I should never be troubled or afraid, because my True Love holds my future days and I have the same authority He did. I have come close to experiencing the calmness that comes with knowing the end from the beginning… it is a very nice feeling, though a very rare one in my life.

From the way I see it, peace is the outcome of trusting that God’s conclusion will be good for you, will not be grievous, and will never find you alone – because He will always be there. I had managed to convince myself that worrying helped me think ahead and prepare for the worst until one of my friends (let’s call her Josephine for the purpose of this blog post) proved me wrong.

It was the last week of my sixth semester in school, and we were about to write our final papers. Everyone was nervous about how this particular paper would go, because there was so much to cover and a lot of uncertainty about whether or not we were prepared for it. I remember seeing Josephine stroll through a crowd of fidgety students clustered in emergency study groups, with a smile dancing on her lips. She amazed me. This scenario stayed with me because it was a perfect demonstration of peace at its best. I mean, she didn’t know for sure whether she was ready for that exam, but it didn’t make her fret – she was at peace with the situation, whether or not she had everything covered because it really wasn’t about her. It is always about the power of God working through us.

The peace Christ gives to us, is the peace that surpasses all understanding. The manner in which life’s issues do not shake you should be a wonder to you and everyone around you. The peace of God surpasses all understanding when you are watching everything around you crumble and fall, but your insides don’t tremor… because our original state is called peace. Peace Christ gave to us. Peace that should not be distorted… a distortion of peace is an anomaly.

Know this and live by it and when life is threatening to shake you, instruct peace to be still. 😂🤗

See you tomorrow!

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