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On the 1st Day, Faith

Faith has a lot of meanings to me but generally, it is being assured of something that is uncertain or intangible, irrespective of what is visible; an innate knowledge and surety that cannot be easily shaken. 2016 has been a time where faith has played countless important roles in my life.

It is through faith that I get to know and understand God daily, and it is through my relationship with Him, that I see everything else. A lot of things in life only matter to me when I see it from God’s perspective.

Here’s a typical example; when I was in school, getting as wasn’t my goal…at all. I remember in my first week, I conducted an analysis with a very good friend of mine and we realized that with the structure that the university used, getting Cs (best-case scenario) and Ds (worst-case scenario), throughout the 4 years will give us enough Grade Points to graduate with our class. Silently, neither of us intended to get Cs in chains, but we were comfortable knowing that we didn’t have to go overboard with the whole studying thing. That’s pretty much the mindset I had throughout my 4 year stay in university. Of course, I will try my best as long as I’m comfortable, but I wouldn’t go push myself to do exceptionally better than normal.

It was a few weeks after graduation that I realized that my relationship with God is not wholly meaningful unless I honour Him with everything I am and in everything I do. It was too late to honour God in my academics, because I didn’t push myself to get MY BEST for him. In this case, my best would have been working to have earned an additional .5 on my GPA. If I had seen it from God’s perspective, my academics would have mattered to me.

My True Love gave me faith, and a step-by-step guide on how to work it out to please Him. This Christmas, more than anything, I hope you get the opportunity to reflect on your faith. Whatever it is you believe in, what comes to mind when you wake up, what you measure your successes and failures with, what your heart cannot let go of and you KNOW is truth irrespective of what other evidence the world gives you; take that belief and determine how well you have allowed it to guide your steps in 2016

Christmas in itself is a thing of faith – the entire occasion is a celebration based on the scriptural belief that Jesus Christ was sent to earth to fulfill a purpose for mankind. The phenomenon of faith is a full time thing – if your faith is rooted in Christ, be sure to make an effort this Christmas (and beyond) to reflect Christ and honour him in everything.

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