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On the 12th Day, Love

When I first got the idea to do the 12 days of Christmas series, I was convinced it will be a tough challenge. I’m happy to say I had no idea what I was talking about.

Yes, it was a challenge, but the Grace has been sufficient and I am really excited that I made it to the last post.

So when I designed this poster and posted it on my social media platforms, I had NO IDEA what 12 days of Christmas was about. But I was certain I had gotten it for a reason. So, I went through the motions of seriously praying and thinking through the idea. Eventually when I got the idea that set my Spirit to rest, the issue was settling on which attributes I was supposed to write on. When I got the list, I was worried I would write based on what comes easy to me. To fix that, I placed them in order through random selection; I had all attributes written out on pieces of paper and picked them randomly.

I was very excited when the 12th attribute ended up being Love J. So here it goes.



This was the greatest of all attributes that Christ exhibited on earth. He showed pure and unrelenting love and was the epitome of love. Obviously, He did this by literally dying for who He loved – the church. By His acts and His example, we have been taught to reach heights of sacrifice that only love can lift us to.

All 11 attributes that my True Love gave to me are in one way or another, dependent or linked to love. His love is completely whole and selflessly sufficient that it caters for all needs at different times. Where healing was needed, His compassion catered for that. Where discipline was needed, His upright love had things covered – there are countless instances where Christ’s love drove Him to touch a life.

It makes me rethink my lifestyle and motives. How often do I allow myself to be a blessing to others? it is unrealistic to say you would like to match up to the love of God, because His very nature is love and even though we were made in His image to be love as well, our human inhibitions will not allow us.

There is a lot more to write on the love of Christ –  I will surely revisit this topic in due time.

Till then, Merry Christmas!!!

i sincerely apologise for the late post. I am really working on it. 

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