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On the 11th day, Honesty

I have always had an issue with honesty. Not to others – with myself. To others, I’ve realized that I have an issue of of being a little too fierce with my honesty. I will tell you about that in a moment. Right now, I would like to explain why honesty is on the list of attributes my True Love exhibited / taught me/ gave to meJ.

Jesus is one of the sincerest heroes in history. I dare say He wore His heart on his sleeve – his emotions: passion, empathy, disappointment, affection – were clear-cut (though I don’t think I ever read about him laughing 🤔). Honesty was an innate nature that simply exuded off him (according to the scriptures). He had nothing to hide, and I honestly think we shouldn’t too.

In the first few months in the corporate world, I realized very quickly that I had a lot to learn. I was manning the registration desk at a program with one of my senior colleagues, when a guest came up to inquire about something. When I realized we didn’t have any more of what he needed, I quickly apologized, and almost told him we had run out. Before I finished my sentence, this senior colleague cut in and politely told the guest; “We will get back to you”. I was confused. Apparently “…get back to you…” is a more diplomatic way of disappointing customers and I didn’t know. LOL! The point is, even though what my senior colleague said may have had honest intentions, I do not think it was the most honest thing to say. (but that’s just me J).

There was another instance that made me believe I needed to exercise discretion in honest speech. One beautiful morning at work, a senior colleague teased, “Ei, Ewurabena! So I sat here and you didn’t even invite me to your breakfast,” (I had just finished a sandwich and milo J). When she said that, I responded, “Oh, I have snack here, I could share that with you– sorry, I just really don’t enjoy sharing my breakfast”. To be honest, I was shocked at her astonishment. She said, “Wow… that was brutally honest”. I think she meant that in a good way J. Imagine how lovely the world will be if we were all very honest people, always sincere about sentiments and emotions – wouldn’t that be cool???

A friend of mine explained to me that honesty and sincerity unmasks us in ways that make most people uncomfortable. He was referring to my writing – but I’ve come to realize that it applies to everything. Before I decided to take writing seriously, I was hesitant because it required a sense of exposure and vulnerability – especially if I would write about life experiences. When I accepted it was OK to be vulnerable, I got more confident about sharing written pieces.

If we are honest to ourselves and honest in even our thoughts, it will be easier to be real / sincere / honest with others that way.

In view of this, I sincerely hope you are enjoying the Christmas Holidays. J

Here are some honest wishes of love and great tidings of Joy. God Bless and See you tomorrow!

Merry Christmas!!

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