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On the 10th day, Solitude

There is a rare beauty in being alone. Many people have neither come to know this beauty nor appreciate it. Do not get me wrong, by ‘being alone’ I do not mean being lonely. When you are alone, you are by yourself – be it by choice or not –  but you get lonely when you are sad about constantly being alone. But enough of that – happy thoughts ‘cause its Christmas!!!

Jesus was a crowd puller – he always had people around him. That makes a lot of sense because his main purpose was to impact the lives of those around him, and those yet to come. Even so, He always found a way to be alone to fellowship with God. He had the habit of separating himself from all other things, and it was in those moments that He encountered The Father. There were some times when He called His disciples to separate themselves as well – I believe one of the reasons he did that was to teach them the value in that habit.

A day ago, I was thinking about how ‘anti-social’ I have become, and how hanging out or meeting up with people has become difficult – I would just rather be at home. I’m not recluse, but there are so many things I need to figure out on my own, and these ‘hang outs’ take more from me than I can give. I learn so much about life and myself when I am on my own – almost as if everything else is ‘noise’ –  but that’s just me. Truth is: it is in man’s quiet times that his spirit is open enough to perceive anything that has been received.

My True Love gave this precious gift of solitude, in order for us to cherish ‘alone time’ and use it wisely. Some people look forward to times where they are alone in order to do unspeakable things – but there are more excellent ways; you can use solitary moments to discover more about God and get closer to Him. In such moments, if you think about God and His Word, the Holy Spirit begins to speak mysteries and explain things that you would not have understood otherwise. A lot of times, I suddenly see a passage from a new angle, without even trying.

One thing that is certain is: God desires quality time with us and when we make the time by separate ourselves, we accept his offer and provide an avenue to bond and fellowship. This Christmas, even though this season has the most ‘hang outs’ and ‘meet ups’, don’t forget to take some time off to be solitary.

See you soon!

Thank you for stopping by! 

(I sincerely apologise for this late post)

P.S: If you haven’t heard Solitaire, you should listen to it. Right Now.

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