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Amidst the endless stream of lights,

After the bustle of the days,

In the bosom of night,

Wrapped in white & black sheets,

I look for you.

I try to find you on pages and comments,

I click tags in hopes they link me to you,

I look at your pages more than I should.

I think about each line and analyze each picture,

Wondering if there’s more than you’re letting on.

I stalk you.

I know a lot happened between the previous post and this,

And I find myself imagining each moment.

How your fingertips press against the keypads,

What else have you been up to?

How did you feel today?

There’s a lot left to the imagination.

And I like that about you.

There is a name for the craving of you,

For the desire to know more –

To see more-

To hear more-

There’s a name for this…

But I don’t know what it is.

I know that I have more to do with my time

But amidst the dimming lights,

And in the cold cold nights,

I’ll think of you.

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