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Momma, sing me to sleep

When I have trouble sleeping,

It’s comforting to know that there are

grown women out there who feel as small as little girls;

who feel how I’m feeling.

In moments like these, I long for my mother’s arms.

The other night I thought of you.

I stayed up wishing I had the strength to

push my fears aside and put my mind to rest,

if only for a few hours.

But those fears, they’re big and tall and mean and… they make me feel so small, momma

I should not be losing a wink of sleep over life’s troubles.

You’ve taught me about the troubles: they will always be there;

But momma when you were like me,

with nothing but a heartbeat and a dream,

did you worry too?

Were you terrified too?

I’m certain you were much better than this;

you were brave and strong with

the force of the seven seas in your grasp and under your wings.

When I have trouble sleeping and fearful tears cloud my judgment,

I should never forget that you are somewhere praying for me; willing me to press on.

I have no strength to be like you.

But I hear your prayers whisper lullabies.

so I’ll sleep even with the struggle, momma

I’ll do it for you.

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