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may we never forget

On my way to work this morning, I could (as is usual after it rains a while,) see evidence of last night’s heavy downpour. There is a shortcut I take everyday that gets me to work in about 20 minutes and today, while on that road, I learnt something about myself that I would like to share.

As is normal for an undulating dirt-road, there were a lot of little paddles on the road but there was on huge puddle that I noticed about 50 meters ahead. I brushed it off, thinking, “I’ll get through it when I get there”. In those 50 meters, I distracted myself with my phone. Before I knew it, I was about to drive through the puddle. My heart did a back flip and for a moment, I was in panic mode. “Where should I go? What if I get stuck? How should I turn the wheel? What will I do if I get stuck?” So many questions, and they weren’t even necessary. Before I knew it, I was through the puddle and I was at ease. 😊

This part of the trip to work reminded me of my approach to a lot of things in life. I realize that a big decision is looming, and my first instinct is to worry about it – but since there’s some time between “now” and “then”, I brush it off. Eventually, when I come into close proximity to that “big decision”, I start panicking and asking God all sorts of questions, forgetting to trust him irrespective of the situation.

When I’m about to step into something that seems like a big mess, I am not required to determine all the how’s, the why’s or the when’s. It is usually by following God’s instruction that I end up at the brink of a puddle with seemingly no way out. Why would God lead me there to leave me there? At the time, this question will be far from mind, but may we never forget God’s faithfulness!

That’s not all I learnt. A little distance away from the puddle, I drove to a muddy mound in the dirt road. This mound has been there for weeks, making it difficult for cars to make it to the end of the dirt road in peace. After the rain, I had expected that it would get leveled but it was actually in the same state, if not worse – and my first reaction was, “Ebei! After all this rain, you refused to change? Ahba!” Then I maneuvered around it and went my way. It was only when I got to the office that the mound incident replayed in my mind.

This time, I was the mound, and God was the one reacting to my incorrigible character. Many times, some hardships are sent our way to shape us but we don’t allow ourselves to be shaped. We go through the various situations, crying inside and outside, developing bitter sentiments instead of learning from the negative situation, and becoming better through that situation.

God loves us – immensely, and in ways we cannot understand. He will not lead us anywhere that will harm us. You’ll only find yourself in harms way if you led yourself there but if you didn’t, then what you think will harm you has been intentionally placed there to prune you and make you bear fruit. It is these little things that ensure that we are living the lives that God desires us to.

These life-changing lessons are easily lost in the haste to live our lives – I am grateful for the teaching of the Holy Spirit. May we never forget God’s faithfulness.

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