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Mary, Did you know?

Mary. You must be tired of everyone asking, Almost as if you owe them a piece of yourself – you must have said the answer over and over when they ask you, “Did you know?”

I understand your frustration, trust me I share in it, because how would you know? How would you tell the end from the beginning, when your mind could barely wrap itself around the concept of virgin conception .

As you held him in your arms that special night, after you wrapped him in swaddling clothes, you must’ve not felt the power in your hands – the power in your son.

Mary. Forgive me, but I have to ask – how did you handle the pressure? How did you know which ways to raise your son? How did you manage the responsibility of being in charge of another man’s destiny? A destiny whose purpose will cause ripple effects over 1,000 years after it ends.

Mary, you should have known. When you were given the opportunity to unmake the makings of Eve, surely you had an idea. You had the personification of perfection around you and you were nothing short of worthy of it. God chose you to hold the date of the world in your belly. A person so special should’ve had a hint of where she stood and who she was.

But do you ? Yes darling, you reading this unending poem. Do you know that between the lines of your life is a thick plot that intertwines and induces other destinies and generations? Do you know that you are no less worthy than Mary to carry the solution to  the promise of eternal damnation???

Mary. I thank you. Because whether or not you knew what you had gotten yourself into, you got into it wholly. You birthed my savior and bore the pressure of keeping him on track to fulfill his life purpose. You knew you begot greatness.

I hope we know we can too.

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