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Long Lost Love Letters

We used to write love letters.

you were that tiny tingle in my mind,

I was that spring in your step,

We looked forward to each other.

Not to seeing each other but being together.

We looked forward to the time when we would be free from the space that separated us,

You see, the letters were filled with heavy words

heavy with light-hearted naiveté…

too-good-to-be-true words…

too-fast-to-understand promises…

He knew there was a long line of suitors waiting to lick the dust of my boots

and I knew that there were a swarm of damsels, eager to be his in distress.

We knew what we had, but we were unsure how long we would have it.

So while we waited until the universe united us,

We wrote our hearts’ songs on hard red paper, and colorful cream manuscripts.

We wished that the birds that flew between us will sing it to the sky and tell it to rain heavily on our doubts and shine brightly on our hopes.

But we were lying to ourselves in the love-wrapped packages that went to and fro.

With time my mind tingled for weightier words

And his step longed for his ambitions.

Now, we live in totally different worlds below the same sad sky.

I wonder if he ever remembers that

We used to write love letters.

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