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last words of a Senior

On our last day in school as students, a friend of mine (who i spent the entire 4 years trying to impress, and failed miserably) got the opportunity to perform this spoken word piece in front of the 2016 class.🎉yay🎉. It was exciting to write this with him… he’s a phenomenal poet. When he starts making his talent public, i’ll reblog him  every other week😁!  It was a mushy 3-minute-performance but i enjoyed every moment of it. Enjoy. 

The times are changing

The moment we’ve been awaiting… 4 years of patience,

sitting in classes, tutorials and examinations,

dozing off in papa tee’s classes, trying to calculate stock valuations

and when the trial balance balances, the elation!

but what d’you do when you attain what you’ve been awaiting?

4 years in the making and here we are stationed at a cross-road, most of us contemplating

a future without the friends we’ve spent ages making…

I don’t know about you, but I’d hate to think I wasted my time.

30 years from now, I hope to look back and be glad.

I don’t want to wish myself back or think of better ways to have done this,

I want to reminisce and not miss but be content with this – these four years I was given

I want to recount my days knowing that I took each moment by storm

More than anything I wish the same for you…that your time spent here was worth it.

Dear friends, our time together has come to an end…

If only we could suspend time so that this moment might never end.

Before this poem ends, I hope that I can force enemies to make amends,

Force friends to shed tears and reminisce the years,

think about the time that they have shared; promise you’ll never forget.

Even if it is untrue because that is all they want to hear.

Before this poem ends I hope that I can force individuals to forgive those they have not forgiven because it is only mortal to err.

I hope that you burry your grudges here

that no ounce of love goes unshared and no kind word goes unsaid.

When this poem ends, I hope you see how far you’ve come

That you made memories and mistakes, dreams and plans, lemonade whenever you were given lemons…

They say lessons not learnt in blood are soon forgotten.

If that’s true, I hope you bled your heart hopeless in these four walls

I hope you never forget that these four years breezed past us and blew our oblivion away

I hope you don’t forget the low points – they formed the character in you

I hope you don’t forget the pain and disappointments – there’s more ahead so prepare to strive again

I hope you don’t forget that life is filled with beautiful things – most of which you may have to admire from a distance.

I hope you don’t forget your ideals when reality hits you.

I hope life doesn’t hit you, but when it does, I hope you survive the fall.

I hope you don’t take things lightly but I hope The Light guides your way.

I hope that in the darkness, you’ll always find me, even if its in the dark glow of a memory

I hope you never forget to remember.

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