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Golden Flaws

I saw this picture on my IG timeline, and it hit me. So i looked into it, and I’m glad I did.

Kintsugi: golden joinery / to patch with gold.It is an art that transforms broken vessels into beautiful works of art with new life, using powdered metal such as gold, silver or copper. This is an aesthetically pleasing and unique way of repairing broken pottery. As a philosophy, it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise.

For a person who has grown out of many flaws, made it through bad decisions, survived stupid mistakes, I believe kintsugi is an apt depiction of perfecting imper


I’ve noticed people rarely wear their faults proudly, especially in the society I live in. A lot of hush-hush goes into creating a brand or living up to an identity / reputation, and it is simply exhausting.

It took me a while to recognize and accept that one’s history is a part of them; a major part, as opposed to a part that needs to be disguised. It helps be more candid about where you’ve been, what you’ve gone through and where you are now.

kintsugi heart

When I was learning about kintsugi, the different types of vessels available for use in the Kingdom of God. 2nd Timothy: 2:21 mentions that anyone at all can become a vessel of honour, irrespective of your scars or chipped edges. Once you cleanse yourself, from what is dishonorable, you’re a vessel for honorable use.

I’ve learnt from experience that you can’t be cleansed on your own. The Holy Spirit grants divine ability to keep you completely separated from all unclean things, (mindsets, actions, thoughts, words, etc) and gives the ability to put you back together kintsugi style.

My flaws are unique aspects of my history. It is because of all those flaws that I have grown to be the woman I am. I still have a lot of them, but they are not bigger than me, whether or not these flaws break me, or chip an aspect off, I’ll be whole again.

That’s what makes me beautiful.

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