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Go Tell

Look for the sad-eyed girl with a wide smile.

When you see her, let her know.

Tell her the truth,

Or the version she would like to hear…

Tell her that he kept her waiting

Because he’d been wrapping a special gift for her.

Even though he showed up empty handed,

tell her he tried his best:  he fought long and hard

but the thieves took it away.

Let her know that the short time he spent

sitting by her meant the world to him.

He got distracted by his IG timeline,

three phone calls and a random girl passing by,

but tell her to be assured of the truth:

He wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but next to her.

Please remind her that her deep-seated

desire to spend time with him is not an obsession.

But help her understand that

the  dissatisfaction she feels with herself has nothing to do with him.

Tell her that he is perfect for her.

That she needs to work on herself a lot more,

so that she can be just as perfect for him.

Tell her to stop crying at night.

She’s a big girl now and they don’t cry.

Tell her to allow her wide smile to kiss her eyes.

Tell her to think happy thoughts. Reality will put her down.

Tell her that when he said “Thank You” in response to her “I love you”

He actually meant to say “I love you too”

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