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Family Trip

Hi guys!!!

This is a very late post, but I’m glad I remembered to share it.

Last year, my family and I took a trip to a number of countries. It was so much funnn! [Brace yourself, this is going to be a long one].

We were a huge number traveling together, so there were a lot of variables we had to work out as a team. First of all, where we would stay, and how we will move from place to place. We settled in Orlando, Florida in an AirBNB.

I kid you not, you can take the Ghanaian out of Ghana, but you cannot take the Ghana out of the Ghanaian. We weren’t about to waste money on food, so we (literally) carried our food there! I remember we had kenkey, stews, milo, grilled fish, shito (this was a lifesaver! Very essential!!!), the whole lot! Though we bought some items there, we just HAD to bring some reassurance with us! Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the cupboards, but hopefully, you can imagine.

The point of the trip was to bond as family, spend time with our darling parents, spend time as siblings and for my siblings to bond with their spouses. It was relatively short trip, but I missed my sweetheart dearly! So I was constantly on facetime or whatsapp video call, speaking to him.

In Orlando, we visited Disney World’s magic kingdom, animal kingdom and Disney Springs. It was a lot of walking, picture taking and memory making! And I loved every moment of it!

One of my highlights was when we went on a Caribbean cruise! I got to see the ocean in a way I hadn’t seen and felt it. So many times, I would step out and listen to the waves in the night or watch as the horizon moved swiftly past us.  The cruise stopped in various countries, like Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico and  few others. I didn’t take as many pictures and videos as I wish I had, but here are some iPhone captions.

Now this was one of my favourite moments. We visited the Blue Hole in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and I attempted to do a cannonball jump from the top of the falls. [Spoiler – it was an epic fail, but i had sooo much fun doing it anyway!] The depth of the hole is apparently 20ft! Its a really beautiful place!

One of my highlights was visiting Deeper Fellowship Church! So i got to hear about DFC from my fiance. As a worship leader, he is deeply moved and inspired by Pastor William McDowell and his service to God. I downloaded the Church’s app, and have been following them on all social media handles. In recent times, God has been taking them through a period of hunger and intercession for revival in America and across the world. When I realized I was going to be in Florida, I KNEW there was a part of the move i needed to experience physically.

I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to convince my entire family to come as well! That was exciting.  I will forever remember how we were received as visitors there. The service was very powerful too. (I will dedicate an entire blog post to DFC and Ps. William McDowell soon)


The welcome pamphlet that was given to us, as visitors. 

During this trip, my niece celebrated her first birthday, that was a highlight for me! Then we got to experience Thanksgiving day.

The entire trip was a breath of fresh air.

The only down side was when I didn’t get to return to Ghana with the entire family. Three of us (My brother, his wife and I) missed a connecting flight (honestly, if I were to explain, your head will spin) and were delayed by a day. It made me pretty sad, but when I got back to Ghana, there was a surprise waiting for me, so that made all things better!

I’ll do a post on that surprise next, so stay tuned!!!

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