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Every Woman…

Happy Sunday, Fam!!!

I thought of making this post earlier last week, but theres an issue with the things I have to do, and the time I have to do them. What shall we do, but manage it?

In the spirit of International women’s day, I would like to celebrate nine amazing women in my life.

When I got into Ashesi, I would have never imagined I could develop such a cool friendship with nine different ladies. We are very different, and I can’t even remember how exactly we found ourselves in the same vicinity.

There was a group of us who were roomates on campus at Ashesi, and some of us who were roomates off campus. But whenever we were in between classes and we were in one the room(whether on campus or not), it was a party – a loud party. Among us, we have the quieter ones, and the louder ones – at times, we take turns spewing energy but at other times, each of us bursts at the seams with laughs and stories.

I particularly want to thank God for bringing each of them into my life because of how they have shaped my thinking and helped nurture love in me.




Dzidzor: Aside her angelic voice, Dzidzor’s heart is really huge. 






Naa Korkoi

These nine ladies are each a powerhouse. I love how we have influenced each other positively and redefine womanhood through the mind of Christ. I know life will get busier as the years go on, but it is great to know that there are some powerful women who have your back in heart and in prayer.

As we celebrate women’s month, this is to celebrate women all over the world.

Let’s grow together and continue to glow!

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