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Dear X,

Dear X,

You’re not just the 24th letter of the alphabet.

Yes, it’s difficult forming words around you- but maybe that’s because of our history.

I hated that subject, by the way.

History- stories of truths that were and could’ve led to a whole different lifetime.

It’s been lifetimes since I thought about this, but to me you’re not just the 24th letter of the alphabet.

No, yours came long before chapter 20, and you were detailed in my book before I even met you.

How can I forget you?

You were three learning curves in my life’s journey…

Three busted tires and I’m still on the road.

You were gifts;

You lit a path on the road I fear to tread.

Then, I was a fool rushing in- away from God knows what…

I don’t regret you, because I had to get by you…

You were one of the cracks in my broken road… but God bless the broken road that got me here.



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