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Dear Daughter…

Hi guys!!!

A dear friend of mine (Michael) wrote this poem for his daughter. They are beautiful words and he permitted me to share them with you… Enjoy. @Mickie, I’ll share this story and many others with her, whenever she arrives.


When I have a daughter, I’ll tickle her till she cries from laughter and let her know.. That crying is not always a bad thing; Sometimes it may blur your vision; But other times it clears the dirt the world throws into your eyes And when my daughter asks why I still take piano lessons, I’ll tell her how music is one of the keys to her mother’s heart, And I never stop learning how to get there .. I’ll tell her that love is about the effort you put in; and learning from the lessons it brings And to never stop learning how to love

I’ll tell her to walk like a queen and dance like a butterfly And hold her head high, even when all is down. I’ll tell her to be strong, but not be afraid to make mistakes I’ll tell her it’s okay to rest… but never ever to quit ..

I’ll tell her to set herself loose for the world to see, but never to lose herself I’ll teach her to run with the wind but never to forget to smell the roses. And to endure the thorns when she picks them up; Because chasing what you want can sometimes be filled with hurt. But don’t stop chasing it..

When she asks how big the world is… I’ll let her know that it’s actually a lot smaller than they say. It’s actually filled with chocolate and clay… Sometimes it tastes so sweet , othertimes it just tastes like dirt And it can fit in her palm if she would Afterall, the world is her oyster

And when she asks, I’ll say it’s okay to walk in 6inch heels … only if she promises to pick herself up if she falls .. This life is shaped by hands and heart and faith .. Life is but a construction site of continuous change

And when she asks about the scars in my side, I’ll tell her about blood and water from the spear wound I’ll tell her about salvation I’ll tell her how God made her mother And help her memorize John 3:16

And when she asks of passion, I’ll tell her about faith and disclipine I’ll talk about photography, scrabble and poetry, And I’ll point to her mother .. And tell her to never stop chasing her dreams

And when I’m too old to throw her over my shoulder, I’ll say to her, “Baby, it is okay to trust the love in another man’s arms.. Because these arms of mine; they were made to carry your mum, And she gladly shared them with you So don’t ever forget to share your heart”

And one day, I’ll dance with her one last time, And when the song stops playing .. I’ll hold her by the hand and place them in those of another man, And I’ll whisper gently in her ear.. Remember your first love .. He taught me to forgive, to pray and to love

They painted a cross with his blood Just because He loved you ..

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