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Busua Beach

Watching the waves remind me of you.

They don’t remind me of you because of how beautiful the horizon looks,

or how pleasant the shoreline feels.

They remind me of you because of what they do.

Two Steps forward, One step back…

Its like they are playing an endless game, tossing themselves as the wind pleases.

They can pull anything along with them.

Or anyone.

They pulled me in, and I fooled myself, hoping that you’ll rescue me.

Instead, you dance with yourself on the shoreline,

one step forward, two steps back –

twirling my heart to a graceful quickstep.

I’m drowning.

Yet I can’t believe how familiar this feels –

almost as if we’ve done this before…

standing at opposite ends of where we need to be with longing to be where we are not.

watching these waves remind me of you.

I wish they did not.

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