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Book Review – Dusty Crowns

Hi Guys!

It has been a while since I put something out, so we’ll start with this:

Book Review: ‘Dusty Crowns’ by Heather Lindsey 

Here’s a background story of how I got into reading this book in the first place.  For those of you who know me, you will agree that I could hardly be bothered with how I look both at home and outside home. (I’m still working on it, guys – don’t judge me). One of my longest friends read this book and it addressed that kind of attitude, and insisted I read it as well.

The book talks about wholistic growth and finding your worth in Christ. In the book, the author addresses every aspect of a woman’s life, from physical appearance, to finances, to relationships, and suggests ways of being ‘your best woman’ in every aspect of life.

The book had two sub-titles; ‘Dusting yourselves off from the inside out’ and ‘Eliminating the distractions and becoming the woman God called you to be’. The book had interesting content. I believe the heart of her message was very pure and if one can look past the technical hitches, they would actually learn a number of things that will be beneficial to their lives.

One thing I picked from the book that has shaped my thinking is; the need to keep working on myself from within. One way I learnt to do that was to let go of ‘control’ and allow God to handle the issues in my life His way. There were some pretty neat lessons in the book – I wont spoil it for you 🙂

I don’t know if my expectations of the book were too high, but I wasn’t very excited when I finished the book.

I didn’t enjoy the entire reading process because of the writing technique with which the content was presented. I had the impression that the book was a written version of a speech or talk the author gave at a women’s conference or gathering of sorts. Most of it was in spoken English and had me re-reading sentences to understand what was being said.

I am a huge fan of great writing; as much as I am still a learner, I admire writers who are exciting and still crisp and thorough about their writing technique. I noticed a number of grammatical and spelling errors that made me check to see who the editor was.

I will classify this book as Christian literature and it upset me to think that there seemed to be some kind of rush to complete the book, when the main aim was to make impact and transform lives.

Again, there were many aspects of the book that were well-written, and the book’s content on the whole was informative.

I will give this one 2 stars and a whole lot of smiley faces!


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