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Bitter Honey – The Series.

Bitter Honey

About four years ago, I started a blog series titled Bitter Honey. It has been pressing on my heart to continue writing this series, and I’ll do that in the next few weeks. Until then, I’ve been reading through the past 17 episodes and I have had a good time doing that. If you haven’t read the story yet, follow this link!

I would like to share why it has been pressing on my heart to continue the series: Apart from promptings from my cherished readers, (Special shoutout to Jessica Essel,) I realised how much of a gap in awareness of the reality in my country.

One day, I was taking a walk and I noticed a beautiful family. They were living in the corner of a walled piece of land. They had a shack from which the children run into and out of, and the mother, was seated amidst what seemed to be a kitchen – I remember how she was bent over a soot covered cylinder, with a slight frown on her brow. She yelled to her children over her shoulder and continued whatever she was doing he was boiling corn.

I enjoyed watching them. Short of being rude, staring at them showed me something I hadn’t taken notice of before then. From that moment, I kept noticing a world that existed outside of my bubble. I was inspired by that experience and started Bitter Honey.

– the essence of sharing these stories is to show the sweetness there is in learning, growing and the daily pursuit of God.

Bitter Honey is told through the lens of a middle-aged taxi driver and his family and encompass glimpses of different life stories. His wife Aunty Aba, a house wife turned Caterer. They have three children: Their firstborn son, Kuuku, 17 years; Abena, 11years, their second born and Maama, 5 years – their last born.

What I am even more excited about most, is it is an opportunity to tell other people’s stories. If you are interested, you could drop me a message ( or on any of my social media platforms. We could develop a fictional story around some real life issues that you have heard of, experienced or are dealing with.

I’ll be continuing this series very soon… until then, be sure to catch up! I have a very good vibe about this- its going to be great!

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