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back to my roots

Hi Fam!!!

Ghana celebrates Independence Day today – yay! This public holiday has given me the opportunity to breathe and put down a love message for you all!

I just want to let you all know that I really appreciate you for your likes, comments, and even opening the blog posts when you see the prompts in your email, or the links on my social media pages.

Sooo much has happened in my life the past five months that I don’t even know where to start, when it comes to sharing. I have a solid plan in place to bring you the best of stories, poetry, videos, pictures, etc. This year promises to be so lit, you can’t imagine!


Today’s celebration brought to mind the concept of change and conservation. A lot of things, especially when it comes to traditional practices, have a significant message at its root. With this, the point of that activity is to reiterate a message and not necessarily enjoy the activity on its own.

Some activities, may have outlived its usefulness, especially when the core value of it can be learnt, taught or understood in another way. Whenever you are able to identify such activities in your life, will you have the courage to change it?

There is a beauty in knowing why you do the things you do, and doing those things for that reason. If we don’t know the root-cause of something, will we really know its value?

This is where I will end my blog post – food for thought, if you wish.

Thanks for stopping by, and See you soon!

Have a great week!

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