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Ashes… then beauty

I saw a walking cemetery. She was a sight to behold. Her steps were littered with dread, Her presence sensed before she was seen. There was just an aura about her that sent chills down your spine. Her smile- a radiant grimace, graciously danced on her lips, And her lips were cracked with unending efforts to expose the turmoil within. She was dead inside. Her insides had become a burial ground for her dreams. Her hopes were cremated, and the ashes strewn across her abdomen. It was her eyes that caught my attention. They were … bright. Hopeful, even… they incited happy thoughts- They were a welcome distraction from her miserable facade Her eyes were lit with fierce illumination, They were all you would remember when you looked away. They’re all I remember. Even though everything else stares at me when I look in the mirror.


Many times, we see others and do not realize they are merely reflections of ourselves. Similarly, we are quick to assume a lot of negativity about others, when we harbor exact traits within us. There is a beauty in each of us, and we should be intentional about noticing and appreciating that – instead of what seems obvious upon the first glance.

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